How to charge your phone faster? Some practical advice for everyone

How to charge your phone faster? In this guide, you'll find a few simple tips to help your smartphone recover quickly and safely.

Successive generations of phones offer faster and faster charging standards. You don't need to (and shouldn't) leave your smartphone plugged in all night - just a few tens of minutes can give you enough power for a full day's use. Here's how to charge your phone faster. See more:

Get the fastest charger possible

It's trivial, but not necessarily obvious. You - as a tech-savvy geek - know that sometimes manufacturers cut costs. Examples can be multiplied, but always check in the specifications, what is the maximum supported charging power. You may be surprised to find a slower one in the sales kit (example - Samsung Galaxy S20 FE supports charging 25W, and in the box there is a 15W adapter).

There are also quite a few models (Samsung Galaxy S21 series, many Nokia models), which do not have any charger in the set. Then do not go to the market and do not buy the cheapest with a matching plug - you waste a lot of time, and do not save the battery at all.

Don't charge your phone in the sun

The biggest enemy of any battery is heat. For this reason, many manufacturers place the entire fast-charging system not in the phone (near the battery), but in the charger itself. By keeping the temperature lower, you'll charge your phone faster, safer and more efficiently. Avoid leaving it in a sunny part of the room (or next to a heater). For the same reason, remove your phone from its protective case when charging.

The same goes for wireless chargers - keep them in a cooler part of the room.

Put your phone in airplane mode or turn it off and don't use your phone while it's charging.
It's obvious, but who wants to do it? However, if you care about time, at least turn on Airplane mode (icon on the notification bar or Settings->WiFi and Network->Airplane Mode) and don't take your phone in your hands. We've already talked about this - usage, even simple usage, involves CPU usage. In turn, this translates into higher temperatures and less efficient charging.

The fastest way to charge your smartphone is to turn it off completely. Simply set it aside for a few minutes and enjoy a fast-charging battery.

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Do not charge it to full

At the end I left something a little less obvious. You may have noticed that the charging curve is not linear, and the process slows down more noticeably after reaching about 70%. This is because the software algorithms limit the delivered current due to resistance. Again, this is to extend battery life during several months of use.

Now you know all about fast charging your phone. You might also be interested in a tutorial on how to extend the battery life of your smartphone. It is not problematic, and will be useful for users who rarely replace their equipment.

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